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Schedule brake pad replacement at our Flushing, NY auto shop

The last thing you want is to hit the brakes and not slow down. If you're having issues with your brakes, it's time for brake service at Only One Auto & Body Corp.

Our talented crew can perform brake pad replacement on any make or model vehicle. We provide customers with a variety of brake pad options and ensure that your whole braking system is in good condition.

Stay safe-get brake service from Flushing, NY's premier auto shop.

Signs that you need brake service

Signs that you need brake service

Sometimes it’s tough to tell if you need new brakes or not. Look for these signs that there’s something wrong with your braking system:

  • Your brakes squeak loudly when in use
  • It’s been over a year since your last brake inspection
  • You find yourself pushing the brake much lower when stopping

Whether you need brake pad replacement or brake system lubrication, we’re here to make sure you can stop safely. Email us now to learn more about our brake service options.