Take Good Care of Your Engine With Regular Oil Changes

Come to us for oil change service in Flushing, NY

Every time you start your engine, you burn off a little bit more oil. After a while, your oil gets thick and dirty, making every mile harder on the engine. With a proper oil change service, your car could drive like it did when you first bought it.

Only One Auto & Body Corp is your choice for regular oil changes. We offer every type of service, from a high mileage oil change to a brand-new car oil change. Whatever your vehicle needs, we can provide it.

Treat your car right with regular oil change service. Talk to us now to plan for your next oil change in Flushing, NY.

Types of oil we offer

Types of oil we offer

Every vehicle has different needs, and we have the oil that suits you perfectly. Turn to us for your next:

  • High mileage oil change
  • Synthetic blend oil change
  • Conventional oil change
  • Full synthetic oil change

Make sure your car has what it needs to run like new for years to come. Speak with us today to set a date for your next oil change service.