Came here to get my brake and clutch flush. They let me use my own fluids and the price was great. Seemed very professional, the mechanic tested out everything for me too after he was done. Planning on changing my transmission and diff fluid here too, will update.

Yup came here a few days later to get the rest of the stuff done, everything was great and once again very fair prices for having my own stuff. Don't get ripped off at other places if you need or just want these things done for your car.


Nissan dealer wanted to charge me $3200.00 for repairs I didn't desperately need. The shop confirmed the dealer's findings, but did not agree with the dealers overall assessment. The technician said my problem was pollen( case of bad luck) in the air flow sensor. Removed the pollen, changed a few things and for a very economical price, I was on my way and I have been riding fine ever since. Please note, I will continue to travel from NJ to Flusing to do business with car mechanics you can actually TRUST!!

Damon P

I brought my 2009 Mercedes Benz to them with an overheating issue. I brought them a used radiator fan which actually did not match the vehicle.They let me leave my car all week and bring them the corrected part. They charged me not a penny more than the manager quoted me at first. All in all a great experience.

Arif Hafeez

This is an awesome shop. I came in since my car broke down, and they helped me fix everything for a very reasonable price.
Honest, trustworthy and made me feel good about my overall experience.

Not much one can ask for with an auto shop.

Zeav Ott

Knowledgable staff, detailed work. Highly recommended

Will Kim

Good service, I highly recommend this shop. Mechanics are very honest.

Yanira Rodriguez

Great workmanship; work always delivered when promised; competitive prices

Juan Mendez

They dont charge high

Jehwan Lee

The owner is a nice guy

Dishen Li